The Italian Gourmet Life Style as a paradigm of happiness


Italy at Your Table is a project that aims to bridge the gap between agriculture, both food and wine, and the act of eating and enjoyment of these products by connecting producers to consumers in a direct and concrete way.

The sharing around the table of great food, wines and stories turn the banal, everyday act of nutrition of the body into an inspiring and entertaining convivial event. Using all the senses, we take participants on a sensory journey to the fields, vineyards, and cantinas where these authentic products have been created with the hard work and traditional knowledge passed down through the generations.

This is the beginning of a dialog and building of trust between producers and consumers with an end result of motivating people to search out high quality, natural, foods and wines made with sustainable techniques and respect for the land.

Italy at Your Table aims to ultimately motivate Americans to make the trip to Italy themselves to discover the magic of authentic food and wine production from the slopes of the lower Alps to the rolling hills of Tuscany to Sicily’s orchards and oceans.


Filippo Bartolotta is a wine journalist, writing for major European and American wine publications such as Decanter Magazine and serving as the editor for the bestselling L’Espresso Italian Wine Guide (English version). He also teaches about wine at the prestigious University of Siena and hosts countless wine events each year in Italy and abroad. His unique, entertaining style creates the ideal environment for anyone to fall in love with wine.

Vanessa Held holds an honors M.Sc. in Agronomy from the University of Florence and the status of specialist in extra-virgin olive oils from the University of Pisa. In 2001 she qualified as a taster for Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Selection for the Florence Chamber of Commerce. She worked for years as a agronomy consultant in Tuscany and adjacent areas. She is passionate about good, healthy food, Italian cuisine and fine wines. Since 2002 she is the Managing Director at Le Baccanti Tours Srl, a travel agency specialized in wine and food travel to Italy.

Benedetta Marinelli a native of Florence, holds the equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Master’s in Rural Economy and Development from the University of Florece. Upon accreditation she joined the internationally respected Italian NGO Il Laboratorio di Ricerche Economiche-Dinamiche della Maremma. Her project there completed, she was invited to become executive director in two Italian firms that organise prestige events centred upon Tuscan wines and gourmet foods, gaining a reputation for good judgment and business acumen in the representation of leading Tuscan wineries in Italy and abroad, especially in the U.S. and Canada.  In July 2010 she joined La Baccanti as project manager of Italy at Your Table.

Benedetta Vitali is a chef and owner of the renowned Trattoria Zibibbo in her native Florence. Zibibbo has received high prise for its authentic Tuscan flavors in the NY Times, Gourmet magazine, Food and Wine and in all major Italian restaurant guides. Benedetta is also a published cookbook author. She loves to host cooking classes and share her knowledge of the Tuscan kitchen with others, always emphasizing fresh and locally purchased ingredients.

Chef Luciano Zazzeri form La Pineta Restaurant. Back in 1963, the Zazzeri family, then headed by Alessandro Z., embarked on setting up La Pineta (‘The Pine Grove’), an establishment on the Tyrrhenian coast near Bibbona in the province of Livorno (Leghorn) that combined blue ocean, white beach and golden sun with a bar and, from the very start, a quality restaurant. Thirty-three years later the family reshuffled its holdings.
Luciano Zazzeri has assured continuance of these standards into the third generation: he is assisted by his sons Andrea, sommelier, and Daniele, second chef. Together they have brought La Pineta to the forefront of Italy’s top-class gastronomic attractions, esteemed by discriminating diners at home and abroad. Since 2006 Luciano has been honoured by a Michelin star.

Robert Morrison is owner operator of Robert Morrison Creative Visual Communication. A production company specializing in the design & production of video, photography, websites and print communication.  Presently Robert is in production of a documentary series entitled “A Taste of Life” which features day in the life portraits of artisan food and wine producing people and places.


Italy at Your Table is a creative Food and Wine  “Real-Life” social network that connects producers to consumers through memorable and innovative tasting events.

The evenings are presented by Filippo Bartolotta and Benedetta Vitali, Italian masters in wine and food respectively. In fall 2011 Filippo and Benedetta are coming to America once again. They are bringing with them the Italian culture of fresh local ingredients, traditional foods, seasonal eating and pairing of healthy food with fine wine.

They will be hosting events to highlight Italy as THE place to go to experience enogastronomic travel and to learn about healthful sustainable eating. You will spend the evening immersed in Italian food and wine culture with extraordinary media that will tell you about the producer’s story, the palaces, the product and the process. In short a journey to Italy visiting some of the country’s finest producers without ever leaving the premises


All events are supported by effective media that gives the guests information about the places (the regions), the people (the producers), the making process and the product so to give the consumer a personal experience that goes beyond a mere tasting.

1. Wine Journey to Italy – An engaging, fun, interesting tasting of Fine Italian Wines
Ten of Italy’s best Fine Wines; Five of Italy’s most famous products –i.e. Prosciutto di Parma, Parmigiano Reggiano, Artisanal Chocolate, Traditional balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Saffron and more-; Food, wine and booklet for each guest; an entertaining video-performance wine tasting event lead by master teacher and wine journalist Filippo Bartolotta.

2. Cooking demo followed by a Wine Class on Fine  Italian Wine
This event is perfect in a home, club or restaurant setting. The evening kicks-off with a welcome by Filippo and an introduction to fine Italian wines. Then it is time for guests to roll up their sleeves and join in as Benedetta leads them through the creation of an entire Tuscan menu, including culinary tips and techniques. As the evening progresses, the group will break up into teams for a playful but competitive cooking and wine game. While the finishing touches are being put on the evening meal, guests will have a chance to sit, relax and be taken on a journey through Italy’s wine regions. We will taste and compare Barolo, Brunello, Amarone, Chianti Classico and several other top wines and discuss Italy’s food and cities. And then the moment everyone is waiting for, the meal is served!

3. Hands-on Cooking followed by a Wine Class on Fine  Italian Wines
This event is perfect in a home, club or restaurant setting. Filippo will welcome the guests with an entertaining introduction to fine Italian wines. Benedetta will then demonstrate how to create each course of an entire Tuscan menu, including culinary tips and techniques. While Benedetta puts the finishing touches on the evening meal, guests will get to continue the journey with Filippo through Italy’s wine regions. We will taste and compare Barolo, Brunello, Amarone, Chianti Classico and several other top wines and discuss Italy’s food and cities. The evening ends on a high note with a delicious five course dinner your guests won’t soon forget.

4. Educate Your Wine Sells Staff, your restaurant chefs and crus
Make your sales stuff happy with an informative and yet entertaining master class on Italian Wine and Food Culture. Filippo’s master classes are perfect for the wine professional or sommelier staff training.  His stories, knowledge and passion is going to give motivation and more seeling arguments to your staff.

5. Tailor-made events
Would you like us to set up a tailor-made event to meet your needs and interests? Just get in touch and we’ll take it form there!

Jan 15th – The Nutrition Center, Berkeshires

Jan 23rd – The culinary Institute, Berksshires

Jan 24th – Sunday Night Suppers, Washington Dc

Feb 7th – Quince, San Francisco

Fen 22nd – Kennwood Club, Cincinntai

March 22nd – Rialto, Boston

March 4th – The Kitchen Porch, Martha’s Vineyard

THE 2011 TOUR (Work in progress, 0ur final calendar will be published on Dec 30th)

Jan 14th – Metropolitan Museum in NYC

Jan 20th – Equinox Restuarant, WDC

Jan 22nd to Jan 24th – Sunday Night Suppers WDC

Feb 8th to Feb 10th Good Food Award – W Hotel

Feb19th – Napa Valley Reserve

June 28th to July 1st – Jackson Hole

Jan 12th to June 28th – Evenings with celebrity hosts


Be a Host

Italy at Your Table is the most natural way to make your special event event entertaining, interesting and memorable. Whether you represent a Wine club, a Corporate group, a fundraiser, a fine restaurant or simply a group of passionate wine and food lovers, our educational evenings are the perfect way  to experience Italy at it’s best.

Are you eager to learn more about the great Italian wine and food culture and the people making these exceptional products? Ready to understand, have fun, bond and create convivial memories around some of the finest products of Italy?

Contact us, we’ll create the perfect event for you.

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We rejuvenate and/or build your wine brand image. Our mission is to significantly enhance the brand equity of dedicated producers that make exceptional quality products. We do this through both online, offline and real life positioning “best in class” consumer perception. We help you raise awareness and drive in new customers through our interactive, passionate wine and food events while teaching people all about your estate, your products and yourself.

Our company focus? Your brand image through social network and consumer tasting events.