Washington Radio Show – Jan 24th 2010
“DISHING IT OUT” by Nycci Nellis WTOP Radio

Chef/owner Charles Pohan of Slanted Door, in San Francisco Betsey Apple, widow of NY Times war correspondent and food writer R.W. “Johnny” Apple Soup cookbook author Carmella Salisbury, author of the new, Enlightened Soups Robert Morrison, wine & food creative communication specialist, for Le Baccanti, Italian wine and food tours.

Whisk and Quill – Jan 25th 2010
“Nation’s Top Toques Visit White House” – by Jordan Wright

“…..The previous evening they were paired up with local chefs like Jose Andres, a longtime supporter of DC Central Kitchen; Kaz Okochi of Kaz Sushi Bistro; Bryan Moscatello of Zola and Potenza; Michel Richard of Citronelle; Cathal Armstrong of Restaurant Eve; Nora Poullion of Restaurant Nora’s; Nick Stefanelli of Bibiana; Fabio Trabocchi of DC’s Four Seasons; and DC resident, Joan Nathan, who used her not unsubstantial sway to organize the event she is calling “Sunday Suppers”, pairing up chefs to create their signature dishes at private homes throughout town. Wine selections were arranged by Italian wine journalist Filippo Bartolotta of Le Baccanti, whose suppliers donated dozens of fine wines….”

Obama Foodrama – White House Food Initiatives – Feb 8th 2010
“Alice Waters, Other Well-Known Chefs Visit the White House” – by Eddie Gehman

“When legendary California chef Alice Waters visited the White House on January 25, it was supposed to be a private, off-the-record event. No reporters were present as Waters, along with a posse of other culinary professionals, went on a private tour of the kitchen and First Lady Michelle Obama’s Kitchen Garden, accompanied by the top White House chefs….The visitors included Gabriel Kreuther of New York’s The Modern; Charles Phan of The Slanted Door in San Francisco; Filippo Bartolotta, a wine expert; Bryan Moscatello, a DC chef; and Jan Buhrman of Kitchen Porch, on Martha’s Vineyard.”

Eater – Feb 8th 2010
“Alice Waters gets some face time with the white House Garden” – by Greg Morabito

“New sbreaks today that a group of star chefs, including Alice Waters, were recently given a secret tour of the White House’s complete kitchen facilities including the star of the Obama’s culinary world, Michelle’s beautiful vegetable garden. Apart from The Divine Ms. W, the other chefs in attendance includedCharlie Phan of SF’s Slanted Door, Gabriel Kreuther of NYC’s The Modern, and wine expert Filippo Bartolotta.”

Bisnow – Jan 25th 2010

“…Last night, we went to a fundraiser for DC Central Kitchen andMartha’s Table. We snapped Lynn Blitzer, SIPS coordinatorJennifer Visick, wine journalist and Le Baccanti director Filippo Bartolotta, who flew in from Florence for the event, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, and super lawyer Allan Gerson, who’s defended victims of terrorism, such as the families of Pan Am flight 103.”

Wall Stree Journal – Jan 22nd 2010
“Drinks and Dinner” – by Melanie Grayce West

“From Arizona and Northern California to suburban New York and the nation’s capital, evenings of fine wines and fine foods to go with them….Quince – On February 7, Benedetta Vitali, owner of Trattoria Zibibbo in Florence, Italy, will lead a cooking class. After the class, Filippo Bartolotta, an Italian wine expert, will lead a wine tasting and pair fine wines with a four-course meal.”

The Examiner – March 8th 2010
“Your Personal Italian Wine Director is Here” – by Liza Zimmerman

… Everyone I know keeps asking where they should taste and which wineries to visit when they head to Italy. I just encountered a company called Le Baccanti which is setting up these kinds of tours with a select group of Italian wines. Italians tend to be very focused on the region in which they produce wines and the foreign benchmarks for those areas. So it’s fun to sit down and taste through a range of wines from different areas with a meal. And it might be equally interesting to cross taste regions in Italy as it is rarely done. On the Baccanti group’s recent tour through the states we had a chance to try great wines with some local eats.

They included the Uvaggio 2006 Nebbiolo, which has a mix of Croatina and Vespolina blended in. Ever heard of these grapes? Nor was I extensively familiar with them but love these lesser-known grapes, particularly when they are from Piedmonte. The other wine was the Terralsole Brunello, an absolutely silky smooth wine available here. The concept behind the travel and tourism operation is to feature great wine available stateside as an enticement to folks to plan eno-gastronomic trips to Italy.”

Wall Stree Journal – Jan 22nd 2010
“Drinks and Dinner” – by Melanie Grayce West

“From Arizona and Northern California to suburban New York and the nation’s capital, evenings of fine wines and fine foods to go with them…. QUince – On February 7, Benedetta Vitali, owner of Trattoria Zibibbo in Florence, Italy, will lead a cooking class. After the class, Filippo Bartolotta, an Italian wine expert, will lead a wine tasting and pair fine wines with a four-course meal.”

Tablehopper – Feb 2nd 2010 Wall Stree Journal – Jan 22nd 2010
“Two Tidbits about Quince” – by Melanie Grayce West

“….Following the cooking course, Quince’s doors will open to an additional thirty guests and Filippo will kick off a fun and engaging wine tasting. Filippo will share his knowledge of some of the finest (and a few rare) Italian wine labels while guests sample prosciutto from Parma and taste balsamic vinegar from Modena. The evening culminates in a four-course meal, prepared by Benedetta Vitali with help from the Quince kitchen, paired with Filippo’s wine pairings.”

Foodie blog – March 5th 2010
“Only at Rialto: Food from Vitali’s Florence With Fine Wines to Match”  by Kathy Huygy

“…..Filippo Bartolotta, a wine journalist also from Florence and director of Le Baccanti event company, hops a Greyhound bus from New York to join Vitali for her dinner and wine tasting. As though he arrived with bottles of wine in his suitcase — and maybe he did! — Bartolotta leads guests through a reception tasting plus five additional wines paired with three courses during dinner. At the reception, servers pass appetizers to the lively crowd. Oysters on the half-shell. Prosciutto di Parma with a drop of dense balsamic vinegar.”

Harvard Square, March 4th 2010

“…Chef Jody Adams and Benedetta Vilati, chef and owner of Florence’s renowned Trattoria Zibibbo will host a Tuscan dinner at Rialto. The evening will begin with a wine reception followed by a seated dinner featuring authentic Tuscan wine and cuisine with a tailored menu based on Benedetta’s cookbook Soffritto: Tradition & Innovation in Tuscan Cooking.”

Local Wine Events – Feb 25 2010

….a wonderfully fun wine tasting through Italy, right in your own backyard! Italian wine guide Filippo Barlolotta will guide us through twelve different gorgeous wines from his home country, with some fabulous Prosciutto di Parma and Balsamic Vinegar thrown in to make it a night you will not soon forget! We will be tasting: Lunelli Ferrari Brut, Super Tuscan Grattamacco, Collemassari Lombroso, San Leonardo of Tenute San Leonardo, Cepparello of Isole e Olena, Amarone Latium, Caprai Sagrantino di Montefalco, Meletti Cavallari Aleatico of Elba, Brunello TerralSole, Barolo Revello, Vernaccia Villa Cusona complimeted by Prosciutto di Parma ham and Balsamic Vinegar from Modena Malpighi”

The Berkshire Eagle – January 28th 2010
“Focusing on Wine and Food of Italy” by Leigh Davis

“...Filippo Bartolotta, an Italian wine journalist will be the keynote speaker at two evenings of Italian Wine Food and Culture sponsored by the Nutrition Center of the Berkshires. At both events Filippo Bartolotta will share stories of small sustainable wine producers in Italy. On Saturday gathering in Sheffild he will moderate a panel discussion on ways dining enthusiasts can be inspired by Italy’s wine and food traditions…..”

Martha’s Vineyard Times – March 4, 2010
“Wine, culture, and lore with Filippo Bartolotta” By Gwyn McAllister

“…..Filippo will share his endless knowledge and stories about small traditionally based organic wineries from all over Italy as he transports us to the Italian world,” says Ms. Buhrman. She refers to the Italy at your Table weekend as “evenings of unique entertainment surrounding the foods and wine of Italy.”

“…The Vineyard events include wines from several Italian regions. Mr. Bartolotta notes that he generally includes wines from the Piedmont area, the northeast and northwest, and often finishes up with some dessert wines from an island in Tuscany. The wines, he says, will represent a range of prices and availability. “We have current vintages, we have some older vintages. I choose what I think is enjoyable – what is intense and persistent.”

“….At Mediterranean Restaurant on Friday, hors d’oeuvres with an Italian accent will be offered. Fabrizio Raimondi of the Parma Ham Consortium will also be on hand to present a selection of Italian prosciuttos.”

Martha’s Vineyard Times – March 11, 2010
“The Italian Wine Experience” By Tony Omer

“…On Friday, Mr. Bartolotta entertained a crowd of about a dozen at Mediterranean with astonishing wine and variety of antipasti. On Saturday night at Saltwater, Island chefs Robert Lionette and Alex Nagi joined Ms. Buhrman in the kitchen for a pasta and cheese making demo, and a four-course dinner. On Sunday, the duo concluded the weekend with a five-course Italian dinner at Park Corner.”

….the Italy at Your Table team crosses the ocean and makes appearances in the USA (with more countries planned for 2011). The events feature hand selected wine and gourmet food producers. Wine experts and chefs go to the USA to educate and entertain while introducing people to genuine Italian products of high quality. The stars of the table are Barolo, Brunello, Vernaccia, Parmiggiano Reggiano cheese, Balsamic vinegar among many others.

Semplicissimus, 20 gennaio 2011

….Un progetto che a mio modo di vedere andrebbe preso ad esempio da molte istituzioni pubbliche su come si promuove il nostro paese all’estero.Uno chef no solo  famoso ma soprattutto alla mano, pratico e carismatico come Luciano Zazzeri, un bel gruppo di produttori di livello ma non solo i soliti noti (Bellavista, Graziano Pra, Romano Dal Forno, Luciano Sandrone, Proprietà Sperino, Castello di Romitorio, Isole e Olena, Fattoria delle Ripalte, Fontodi, Feudi di San Gregorio, Petra, Arnaldo Caprai) e un menu appunto capace di esser re

Libero Milano, 22 gennaio 2011

Al Metropolitan di New York l’enogastronomia diventa arte … Il Metropolitan Museum of Art di New York, uno dei templi mondiali della cultura, con 2 milioni di opere d’arte e dove passano 5 milioni di persone all’anno da tutto il mondo: ecco il prestigioso palcoscenico che ha visto protagonista l’arte enoica e culinaria d’Italia, da Bellavista a Castello di Romitorio (Sandro Chia), da Caprai a Sandrone, da Fontodi a Graziano Prà, da Feudi di San Gregorio a Isole e Olena, da Dal Forno a Petra, da Fattoria Le Ripalte a Sperino, nei calici, per accompagnare l’arte culinaria dello chef Luciano Zazzeri. Il tutto, per “Irresistible Italy”: un viaggio in quattro tappe alla scoperta di Venezia, Firenze, Roma e Napoli attraverso le esperienze di alcuni grandi personaggi inglesi e americani, da Lord Byron a Mark Twain e John Keats, presentato dallo scrittore David Garrard Lowe.
Il Tirreno, 15 gennaio 2011

Luciano Zazzeri conquista il Met. Sì, il Metropolitan Museum di New York ha ospitato ieri sera una cena del patron della Pineta di Marina di Bibbona.
L’evento è stato organizzato da Filippo Bartolotta, giornalista enogastronomico di Wine Tasting, che ha voluto dedicare 4 serate all’eccellenza italiana. Guest chef Luciano Zazzeri, del ristorante stellato di Bibbona, che ieri sera ha organizzato e curato la cena nei dettagli, con un menu mirato. Ma preparando anche altri tre menu tematici, che saranno serviti al Metropolitan nelle prossime settimane.

Serena Guidobaldi, 22 gennaio 2011

…Italy at Your Table è un bel modo, e intelligente, di parlare d’Italia, del suo turismo enogastronomico, di sostenibilità, ruralità e qualità in modo informativo e divertente. Un modo, inoltre, coraggioso, completamente autofinanziato e supportato dal contributo dei produttori che credono nel progetto…

….Soprattutto se, mentre a “leggere” c’è Lowe, a cucinare al Metropolitan c’è un signore di nome Luciano Zazzeri (La Pineta di Marina di Bibbona, stellata) e a presentare i vini un signore di nome Filippo Bartolotta(Decanter, Guida Vini L’Espresso).
Ah, già, i vini. Robetta tipo BellavistaGraziano PraRomano Dal Forno,Luciano SandroneProprietà SperinoCastello di Romitorio, Isole e Olena, Fattoria delle RipalteFontodiFeudi di San Gregorio, Petra e Arnaldo Caprai. Il tutto condito dalla cioccolata di Modica Bonajuto, l’aceto tradizionale di Modena del Gran Deposito Aceto Balsamico Giuseppe Giusti e le opere della Galleria Frilli di Firenze.